History of Neighbors United of Faircrest Heights

What Has Neighbors United Been Doing for Nearly 40 Years?

For nearly 40 years, Neighbors United of Faircrest Heights has been involved in crime-fighting; neighborhood beautification; zoning issues; emergency and disaster preparedness; civic campaigns and elections; volunteerism; charitable contributions; improving the neighborhood businesses; celebrating neighborhood diversity; and building neighborhood pride, cohesion and friendship.

✔ The Association’s major accomplishments include the following:

✔ (1990-1992) Won a moratorium through City Planning to prevent developers from destroying single family homes and building high-density apartment buildings on our multi-family (R-3) zoned blocks. Our R-3 zoning designation was subsequently changed to limit the height of future construction projects and mandate other qualified [“Q”] conditions. (On an ongoing basis, we invite developers to present plans to our membership, and have successfully advocated for modifications to a number of projects – to enhance quality, functionality and neighborhood compatibility.)

✔ (2013-2017) Advocated for city officials to implement an Interim Control Ordinance and amend Los Angeles’ Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, to curb mansionization (the teardown of existing homes and reconstruction of super-sized homes that are out of scale with existing neighborhoods). Worked with the city to implement new zoning codes (R1R3-RG and R1V3-RG) for our single-family zoned blocks – to protect our neighborhood character, scale and quality of life – while offering reasonable flexibility for additions, remodels and new construction.

✔ Submitted formal comments and provided public comments at City Council and Planning Department hearings regarding zoning variances and changes affecting the community, such as preventing new liquor licenses and auto repair shops in the community.

✔ Defeated the proposal to subdivide and rezone (for commercial purposes) the property owned by the radio station at Venice Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, in an effort to protect the single-family character of the neighborhood. The property remained zoned for single family dwellings and now houses The Faircrest, a community of 60 new-construction single family homes.

✔ Provided input to developers for projects being built around our community, such as the SGI (Buddhist Center) at Venice & Fairfax, Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles, and Plaza La Cienega Shopping Center.

✔ Participated information of P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council and Pico Revitalization Project. Ongoing efforts to keep neighbors informed and engaged with P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council activities and initiatives.

✔ Interacted with other neighborhood associations in area–CHAPS, Crestview, South Carthay, Carthay Square, Picfair Village, Wilshire Vista and Model Neighborhoods— to accomplish common goals and to defeat additional liquor license applications and proposed businesses that do not add value to our communities.

✔ Worked with LAPD and Building and Safety to have Plantation and Capitol Motels, and abandoned Golden Bird restaurant on La Cienega demolished for crime and drug abatement. Starbucks now stands at the site of the abandoned Golden Bird. Auto dealerships replaced the motels.

✔ Worked with the City to do the following:

  • install the sidewalk along Sawyer Street between Fairfax and Point View.
  • install new streetlights along Stearns Drive and Crescent Heights Boulevard from 1800 to 2000 blocks.
  • repave streets throughout the community.
  • install four-way stop signs at several intersections throughout the area.
  • implement permit parking on several blocks throughout the neighborhood.
  • install security gates in the allies plagued by criminal activity.
  • clean storm drains in the area.
  • replace vandalized signs.Planted trees along with Tree People throughout the area:
  • along Sawyer between Point View and Fairfax,
  • along the 5900-6000 blocks of Guthrie Street,
  • along 1700-1900 blocks of Fairfax Avenue,
  • along La Cienega Boulevard between Cadillac and Airdrome Streets
  • along each street in the community through the years.Held Candidates Forums during local election campaigns.

✔ Held Town Hall meetings with city, state and federal representatives.

✔ Established and manned a Police Stop-In Center at Claude Pepper Senior Citizens Center. The center was closed due to low usage.

✔ Established neighborhood security patrol.

✔ Worked with the City and Several Contractors to mitigate problems for residents during construction of the Hollyhills Drain project along Crescent Heights Boulevard (construction took nearly two years).

✔ Established annual La Cienega clean-up in 1982—and continued for 20 years.

✔ Held Graffiti Paint-Outs.

✔ Established an annual Block Party to interact with neighbors.

✔ Held Neighborhood Yard Sales as community fundraisers.

✔ Held annual holiday parties recognizing neighborhood diversity and cultural holiday traditions.

✔ Charity and Volunteer Activities:

  • Made contributions to numerous organizations, including Union Rescue Mission, His Sheltering Arms, LA Times Youth Camp, Alzheimer’s Association, Heart Association, Westside Jewish Community Center Fund, and numerous others.
  • Made contributions to and volunteered at Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies and Crescent Heights Elementary Street.
  • Sent neighborhood youngsters to summer camp.
  • Held appreciation receptions/luncheons for Wilshire Division Police Officers. Also volunteered at LAPD open houses and Halloween parties, etc.
  • Served as volunteers at Los Angeles Marathon.Encouraged neighborhood pride—maintaining homes in beautiful condition, watching out for neighbors, “sunshine” activities to welcome new neighbors and show concern for neighbors who are ill or bereaved.

✔ Encouraged neighborhood pride—maintaining homes in beautiful condition, watching out for neighbors, “sunshine” activities to welcome new neighbors and show concern for neighbors who are ill or bereaved.