PICO Neighborhood Council San Vicente Survey

PICO Neighborhood Council
San Vicente Survey

Hi Neighbors,
Saludos Vecinos,

You have received and many have responded to a number of surveys that have asked whether you support the creation of bicycle lanes along San Vicente Boulevard on a stand alone basis. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS OFFICIAL SURVEY nonetheless as it provides more information about future plans and possible alternative options (some of which are in competition and involve more than just a bike lane proposal), for this particular stretch of roadway in our neighborhoods.

Usted habrá recibido y posiblemente respondido a una o mas encuestas pidiendole su opinión o apoyo para la creación de carriles ciclistas en la calle San Vicente. FAVOR RESPONDA A ESTA ENCUESTA OFICIAL hasta si ha respondido a otras ya que esta le provee información adicional a cerca de planes y alternativas para el futuro de San Vicente (que a veces se contradicen entre si y que involucran más que carriles ciclistas).

Take The Survey

The PICO Neighborhood Council thanks for your participation!

5651 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90019 (323) 521-9080 info@piconc.com


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